1st MoVET Newsletter


The first MoVET newsletter covers all activities of MoVET project since the very beginning in 2021 with aim to inform and promote the activities/events organized and; the results achieved by the MoVET project.

You can read the full newsletter here.


MoVET Steering Committees

1st MoVET Steering Committee in Trieste, Italy (13-14 October, 2021): 

After 10 months of online activities, MoVET partners eventually met in person for the 1st Steering Committee of the Project, hosted on 13-14th October 2021 by the coordinator ENAIP NET in Trieste where an important milestone for the project presented: working together in person boosted the cohesion of the MoVET team and provided new life to the project, making the activities more enjoyable and productive.  

2nd MoVET Steering Committee in Athens, Greece (23-24 May, 2022): 

MoVET partners met in person for the second time on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th in Athens for the annual Steering Committee, hosted by MoVET partner IEK AKMI: it was the first time all 12 partners got to work together in the same room. During the meeting the first year of activities was reviewed and the difficulties arisen from the pandemic were analysed.  


MoVET Joint Staff Trainings

1st MoVET Joint Staff Training in Dolo, Italy (15-19 November, 2021)​

During the week between the 15th and 19th of November 2021 ENAIP NET hosted the 1st Joint Staff Training (JST) of the MoVET Project. The JST was attended by more than 15 colleagues on behalf of the partners from Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.  First chapter of a series of five appointments, the training has been hosted in the beautiful Villa Ferretti Angeli, in the province of Venice, and it was designed to contribute to the modernisation of the Western Balkan VET system, by promoting an upskilling and capacity building process involving staff and, consequently, also learners.

2nd MoVET Joint Staff Training in Athens, Greece (23-27 May, 2022) 

During the Joint Staff Training on 23-27th May in Athens the MoVET team had the opportunity to visit AKMI's premises and have a guided tour in the labs of the organisation, with the chance of having a deeper insight about the practices that are applied there in the tourism sector as well as of receiving further details on the main internationalization projects they are running.  

3rd MoVET Joint Staff Training in Odisee, Belgium (13-17 June, 2022) 

The Western Balkan MoVET Partners were invited to Brussels, Belgium by Odisee hogeschool for a Joint Staff Training on 13-17th June 2022. It was a unique chance to get a deep insight into the work of the Centre and its international vocation, as well as the one of the Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, the research department of Odisee.  

4th MoVET Joint Staff Training in Leipzig, Germany (11-15 July, 2022)  

From 11th to 15th of July MoVET partner Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft hosted the joint staff training for MoVET partners from the Western Balkans.  


MoVET Design Thinking Workshops 

1st MoVET Design Thinking Workshop in Tirana, Albania (12-15 April, 2022) 

MOVET launched this week a series of 3 Desing Thinking Workshops, one in each Western Balkans country of the partnership: Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo. Design Thinking is an approach that draws on the ability of the people involved to be creative.

2nd MoVET Design Thinking Workshop in Podgorica, Montenegro (9-11th  May, 2022) 

On 9-11 May 2022, MoVET project moved to Podgorica, Montenegro for the 3 days of the 2nd Design Thinking Workshop, hosted by MoVET partner EAM, Employment Agency of Montenegro Zavod za zapošljavanje Crne Gore.   

3rd MoVET Design Thinking Workshop in Pristina, Kosovo (12-14 May 2022)

On 12-14May 2022,  MoVET project moved to Pristina, Kosovo for the 3 days of the 3rd Design Thinking Workshop, hosted by MoVET partner APPK.  


MoVET Training Webinars & Seminars

Internationalisation for Western Balkan VET Staff Webinars’ Training 31 January – 4 February 2022 (online)

The aim of the webinars dedicated to Western Balkan VET providers and Labour agencies’ staff is to increase their knowledge, share tools and methods and models to strengthen their competences to enable and sustain the internationalisation process of their organisations. 

Internationalisation for Western Balkan VET Teachers and Trainers Training 21-25 February 2022 (online) 

The second cycle of webinars dedicated to the internationalisation of vocational training took place this week 21 - 25 February 2022 online. This time the webinars were completely dedicated to VET teachers and trainers of the Western Balkan partners.  

Thematic Teams Seminar in Lyon, France (4-5 May, 2022)  

The Thematic Teams Seminar 2022 organised by EfVET and hosted by SEPR in Lyon on 4-5 May 2022 included the presentation of MoVET during a work session dedicated to Western Balkans Pilot Projects, to explore the opportunities they offer for VET Schools in this area