Internationalisation for Western Balkan VET teachers and trainers

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International Conference 12.12.2023

International Conference 12.12.2023

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Our project

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16 giugno 2023
Steering Committee | 14th – 15th June | Leipzig (Germany)

Hosted by WISAMAR this time, the MoVET project consortium gathered in the beautiful city of Leipzig, Germany for our Steering Committee, taking place the 14th – 15th of June. [...]

30 novembre 2022
Joint Staff Training in Milan, 21-25 November 2022

The MoVET project continued its activities with the next Joint Staff Training in Milan, Italy on 21-25 November 2022. 

06 ottobre 2022
1st MoVET Newsletter

The 1st MoVET newsletter covers all activities of the project since the very beginning in 2021 with aim to inform and promote the activities organized and; the results achieved by the MoVET project.