Joint Staff Training 13-17 June 2022 Odisee, Belgium


This week the Western Balkan MoVET Partners were invited to Brussels, Belgium by Odisee hogeschool for a Joint Staff Training on 13-17 June 2022.

Throughout the training, the partners were immersed in the world of Odisee with an introduction of Odisee and its international working, but also with an in depth introduction to Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, the research department within Odisee responsible for the MoVET project. The group also worked on the positioning strategy of the partners' organization in a marketing workshop and made a field trip to the Technology campus in Ghent, where we visited the brewery and ICT labs.

All this was complemented by a talk by Abel Diaz Gonzalez, the coordinator of the Erasmus+ CBHE Elanet Project Elanet-SE, about building an international ecosystem in support of Social Entrepreneurs. And a visit to the BIGH Project BIGH which is an investor, developer and operator of aquaponics urban farms in Brussels and focuses on the Circular and local economy.